Below are a few recent testimonials from clients of Blake:

We have both been very happy with his help through this process and honestly I don’t think we could have made it through this without him. He will get referrals until the end of time from us.”

-Owen and Alena F.

“Blake sold our home in less than a month and found us our dream condo the first day we started looking. When the buyers of our home tried to back out of the deal, Blake worked with us and with the lawyers to resolve the conflict and close the deal. His experience and knowledge proved indispensable when it really counted.”

-Linda and Gerhard R.

“We spent nearly 9 months discussing what we were looking for and the areas we were interested in, mostly by email, before finally meeting with Blake. We were impressed with the amount of time and effort Blake spent searching listings, walking us through potential properties and negotiating the purchase with us. He was prompt in responding to our queries, ensured that we were aware of all aspects of a property from a legal standpoint, competently represented our interests and most importantly, followed our instructions when negotiating the purchase of our new home. We appreciate his laid back, but attentive attitude and the fact that he made no attempts to pressure us into either purchasing right away or spending beyond our budget.”

-Michael and Wendy B.

After trying multiple REALTOR®s and being disappointed, Blake was a breath of fresh air. He knew the regulations surrounding basement suites off the top of his head, and had prepared comparables to show us before we even asked. His level of organization and depth of knowledge were far beyond what we had previously experienced.”

-Elenor S.

“Thank you so much for your time and for all the distant driving you did for us. We appreciated your professionalism. We felt comfortable with your honesty and you didn’t pressure us into anything. We felt that it was all our decision, but was guided with your business knowledge. We would recommend you to family & friends due to our satisfaction. Having a sell and buy situation, we needed someone to work around the clock with us. You brought your speed, and in return we sold our house quickly and found our forever home at the perfect time. Thanks again.”

-Kristin and Dean M.


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